Packages are available, which incorporates all services and products for an entire event, at a lightly discounted rate. Inquire for more details.




bar/bat mitzvah




A la carte:

Rates vary depending on the product, mostly all items can be categorized in to 5 tiers. Prices listed below are starting prices on Tier 1, the most informal tier. Below are prices when purchasing items individually.

For envelopes, place cards, RSVP cards, escort cards, RSVP envelopes, menus, and ceremony programs please inquire within. 

Large Signage (i.e. welcome sign, bar signs): rates start at $100 each

Large List Chalk Signage (i.e. guest lists, and corresponding tables, etc.): rates start at $350.00

Large List Mirror Signage (i.e. guest lists, and corresponding tables, etc): rates start at $350.00

Small Signage (i.e. social media signage,'Please sign our guestbook', etc  ): rates start at $40.


Tier Pricing:

I feel very strongly that if you always dreamed you would have handwritten touches as part of your event, budgets quite modest or very grand, you should have them! My tiered pricing model is designed in the hopes of having a little something for everyone. Tiers are determined by the handwriting style, the time spent to complete, and in some cases, the types of ink or writing utensil needed for your desired effect. 

Tier 1 is use of marker, rolled ink pen, monoline. Many styles available in this tier! The difference will be that they will not be done in calligraphy ink and nib. 

Tier 2 is use of paint brush, pen, and bringing in the use of dip ink, thick/thin lines when applicable. Matte colors and script styles.

Tier 3-5 Moderate difficultly level styles, more classical styles. Combining block letters with script, double spacing, All use calligraphy pen and dipping ink.

Note: Metallic dipping inks carry style to next tier in price. 

For creating custom color, a $50 fee will be added to final invoice.



*What the heck is a "flourish" you ask? Lots of curly lines and fancy lettering that looks complicated. It is.