I offer lettering on pretty much everything possible and imaginable! Ask away if you have material you do not see below. I love trying new things!

Acrylic Signage | one of the newest trends that I absolutely love for signage. Lightweight, cost effective, and a ton of color options!

Mirror Signage | bring me a mirror you find, or we can order one together! I can write all over it and once your event is over, it can be wiped clean and kept in your home for years to come.

Chalkboard Signage | classic and vivid, these chalkboards are smooth and black, so forget everything you thought you knew about chalkboards. Super lightweight and cost effective as well!

Wood Signage 

Signage with Illustrations

Leather, Denim, Canvas Writing/Painting

Seaglass, Agate Stones, Marble, Brass, Glass Writing

Envelopes, Place Cards, Paper Signage, Gift Tags

Commissioned Pieces, Vows, Quotes


Tier Pricing

I feel very strongly that if you always dreamed you would have handwritten touches as part of your event, budgets quite modest or very grand, you should have them! My tiered pricing model is designed in the hopes of having a little something for everyone. Prices determined by the time spent to complete, and in some cases, the ink/writing utensil needed for the desired effect. 

Tier 1 is brush lettering, use of pens and markers, vs. calligraphy ink and nib. 

Tier 2 is use of ink and nib. 

Note: Pricing varies with International addressing. 

For creating custom color, a $50 fee will be added to final invoice.

A la carte

Rates vary depending on the product, content, surface, and timeline. Please email for quotes specific to you!

Envelope Addressing | rates start at $5.00 per domestic address/addresses 5 lines or less

Custom Invitation Design | contact for rates- consider how many parts to your invitation you would like, and if you would like any custom illustrations or crest work! This factors in to inital quote.

Spot Calligraphy (certain words or lettering used for invitations, Save the Dates, signage or other digital documents) | contact for rates, and let me know what kinds of words or phrases you were thinking of having me write out!

Place/Escort Cards | rates start at $2.50 per place card (single names) Escort Cards would include couple’s names and table number, cost varies.

Welcome Signage | rates start at $150

Seating Chart Signage | rates start at $500

Tabletop Signage | rates start at $75