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Welcome to Order She Wrote! I'm Joanna and I am She. Lettering (and what I used to call "fancy writing") started as a hobby I could do while performing. However, as luck would have it, I soon fell in love with this art. My writing has become the job I love year round, and allows me to exercise my passions on stage and off. I consider myself so fortunate that I'm able to share this craft with people from all over the world.

I am a self taught calligraphist. I have always had good handwriting, and the ability to create fancy "fonts."  I remember starting Valentine's Day weekend when I was stuck indoors on a snowy trip to Martha's Vineyard.  My mom had bought me a calligraphy set for Christmas that I hardly thought I would ever touch. She insisted I at least opened the box. After sitting there on the shelf for many months, I finally dove in and haven't looked back. I soon found myself on a joyful quest discovering more mediums, learning new styles, deepening my skill and understanding of the art of calligraphy and other modern forms of lettering.  What began as a helpful favor for friends and family's events, greeting cards, and a lot of "Jo, can you do this for me because you have way better handwriting?" I finally created my business and started lettering full time. It has been the greatest adventure!

I was born and raised in Washington, DC, (well, Maryland, but like 10 minutes outside of DC). After graduating from college in Upstate New York (Go Bombers!), I moved to the City, where I work out of my small New York apartment. I love escaping the city, taking many trips to lend my right hand to weddings and events both incredibly grand and heart melting-ly intimate. 

I am often asked what I love so much about the handwritten letter, and I usually end up torn between the same two reasons: First, I love making pretty things with my hands, I love that no two letters are same each time they come off the pen.  Lastly, I love that someone special can clearly see how much love and thoughtful work was put in to giving them this special gift; something for them to open, see, and enjoy. When they run their fingers over the dried ink and get up real close to it they feel the homemade love and think, "Wow, someone made this by hand!"


Order She Wrote has been featured on Carats & Cake, and in US Weekly. 

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