Jacquie & Lev's Wedding

Jacquie came to me pretty hard on her luck with calligraphers. She had a calligrapher working on her envelopes and about 50 from the finish line, had an emergency which made it impossible to finish the job.  I felt terrible, knowing that it must have been a bad situation for the calligrapher to not be able to finish, and a bad experience to have a deadline for your invitations, and have it not be met but something out of your control. 

We had a few challenges of our own when I began with the remainder of her envelopes. Her deadline was two days away, and we needed a style and material that would work together well and would work on her beautiful handmade paper envelopes (gorgeous quality, but rough and tough on a calligraphers pen or nib.) She also had run out of extra envelopes from her last calligrapher, so I had no margin for error, and when working quickly to a deadline, being able to work fast is important.  Working fast is impossible when you know if you make one tiny mistake, it's curtains. So we quickly found some envelopes at a nearby store that I could use for errors. 

We decided on a style that was affordable for her, still kept with the theme of her invitation suite, and a rose gold pen which would achieve the color she wanted, on a much smaller budget. Only problem was, all of the art stores were sold out in that color paint pen! I had one at home in my supply, which we just hoped would last the whole 50 envelopes. Somehow it did last, I will forever enshrine it in bronze on my mantle.

Unforeseen hiccups happen all of the time in the wedding world. But when everyone works together, and is equally driven to solve the problem, it works out.