Find your style 

I love to pick the style of writing to match you and your aesthetic, or a style I think you will love! I usually tell my clients not to be too concerned to get an exact match to any printed materials they are using in their invitations, programs, etc. as when it is done by hand, nothing will be a perfect match. (Part of the beauty is what is unique!)  All of the below styles can be mixed with printed letters.  Other variations could be placement of zip code, size of letters, and spacing.

Ink Color

Ink comes in many colors, but not as many as we'd like! I can always mix in white to make a vibrant color become softer, or create a color from scratch for an additional fee. The color of ink is of your choosing! Perhaps pastel purple for a baby shower, or a gold on black for the festive holiday season. Metallic inks are awesome and kick it up a notch!


Return Addresses

Return addresses are offered at an additional cost per envelope. If you are having your return address printed on the back of your envelope, please wait until that has been completed before sending your envelopes my way, as the print shops will not want to be liable for damaging the calligraphy!