Find your style 

Below are a sampling, but not limited to, the many styles I offer. The style you choose should match the tone of your event and the atmosphere you want to create. The handwriting can be an extension, or the beginnings of the aesthetic you envision for your event! I usually tell my clients not to be too concerned to get an exact match to any printed materials they are using in their invitations, programs, etc. as when it is done by hand, nothing will be a perfect match. (Part of the beauty is the unique!) Therefore, free yourself from a hunt for the perfect match, and focus on the aesthetic, or just a style you love! All of the below styles can be mixed with printed letters.. Placement of zip code, size of letters, spacing of numbers, and angle of the writing can also vary for a desired effect. Small variations in many of these pictures are a result for when in time they were written. (I grow each and every day I practice!) -- Joanna

Ink Color

Ink comes in many colors, and usually I can mix in some white ink to make a vibrant color become softer or pastel, or mix colors together to get a shade you like. The color of your ink could reflect the tone or the atmosphere of your event, or play off a color palate you plan to use throughout.  Perhaps pastel pink for a feminine touch, or a grey or green for more rustic. If you are using a colored envelope, consider the color of ink that will look best and be readable. Metallic and pearlescent inks are available which shimmer and shine. Please note that the use of metallic inks moves you up to the next tier in price.


Zip Code | Return Address

Zip codes can be written spread beneath the address as the final line, written tight beneath the address as the final line, or written next to the city and state on same line.


Return addresses are offered at an additional cost per envelope. Consider the postage you will be using to mail the invitations when deciding the location of the return address on the envelope.