J. Paul Getty Award Dinner

The J. Paul Getty Foundation awarded an author the award this past November. They chose to have their place cards on these adorable duplexed* bookmarks with a blush pink tassel. (V clever!) It was a cold day, and once guests arrived I actually had to sit behind a curtain at the entrance of the Morgan Library & Museum and be at the ready with pen and ink to make new place cards in case guests who had not RSVP'd showed up, or in case someone had a different escort. If there is one thing I have learned about doing big events like this: people do not RSVP. I've found that at least 20% more people show up to the event than anticipated. Of course, all the best event planners & coordinators account for this happening, and have wildly elaborate plans for how to accommodate. It's amazing to watch. Especially at a seated dinner!





*when you make really thick paper by sticking two pieces together, creating SUPER paper stock that is beautiful to hold and heavier in weight.