Maura's Baby Shower

I recently purchased the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which was probably the largest purchase I have made for my business, but was absolutely the right move for me. This now gives me the ability to capture my handwriting (and trust me, this stylus is scary-accurate when I write) and digitize it for producing large quantities of items. Ideal for menus, programs, logos, printables, writing on clothing (hello, Bachelorette parties!) and more, when the client doesn't necessarily need them to each be done by hand. I'm constantly learning how to do more and more with this device, and as far as I can tell, the possibilities are endless.

When my friend Maura came to me to make her baby shower tea party invitations so that she could print them off herself, we knew this was the perfect option for her.  I created the insert and the main invitation file as a JPG and PDF, and she simply printed that on to vellum.  She then folded and stapled the papers in to tea bag shapes, filled them with rose tea and a little tea bag string and ta-da! The largest and most legible tea bags you've ever seen. (She also hand cut all of her envelope liner by the way, using Rifle Paper wrapping paper, which looks incredible in those candy pink envelopes!)