Gold Envelopes by Fancy That!

Safe to say I have never written on envelopes quite like these in all my days of lettering. And when I received them from Bianca B (one of the best wedding planners on the planet, make sure you check her out in all her luxe glory) I was stunned. Made by Fancy That, these were tall envelopes with a back flap closure and the couples new monogram embossed on the back flap. 

We did have to mess around with a lot of different options to come up with the best way to write on these (too wet and it would slick away with touch, too dry and it would crack off when it rubbed against it's mates, or not permanent in the rain.) But I managed to test out enough of my supplies that we finally switched styles and used a permanent calligraphy marker. I loved working on these even though they were a constant reminder of how rough my face is without make up. (...mirror. Constantly reflecting me. At that terrible angle.)