Christine's Blush Pink Invitations

I love so many things about this job, but the best pay off by far, is the people that I meet. I have worked for some of the kindest, the most beautiful, most supportive men and women out there. And so relaxed even during the most stressful weeks of wedding planning! Christine was one of these dream clients.

She came to me with some of the prettiest envelopes I've yet to see: pale pink with a sheen, rose gold return address printed on the back, and pink sparkle liner (which I regret not snapping a photo of.)  

Christine wanted rose gold writing in one of my more elegant styles. This generally causes prices to raise a little higher since inks like these take a lot of time to write with and to get them at just the right temperament. Considering her budget and her time frame, Christine was happy to explore a few other options to give her the look she wanted, with a slightly lower price tag and done in faster time. We purchased a lighter gold which looked absolutely adorable against the pink, and then as a last ditch effort to get more red in to the gold, we bought a copper which, when dry, totally passes for rose gold. She liked them both so much, we alternated!

As a result, we got the look we wanted to achieve, she stayed in her budget and on time! I can't wait to see these beauties nestled in their full invitation suites.