Cosmic Connections

I was asked to provide the handwritten invitations and envelopes for a private dinner following a very exciting collaborative art installation in downtown Manhattan.  This particular event was coming together very quickly so I had to work extremely fast and efficiently. I definitely tested my limits on how fast I am capable of creating a product I am both asked to create, and am proud of. After I created a mock up on black paper with white pen, the collector decided that was exactly the look he wanted and ended up being the final look created. I am very proud of my hand for busting these out in an extremely short amount of time. 

Creating these specially made little pieces of art that are envelopes, place cards, invitiations, etc do take time and a lot of work. It is highly recommended to give your calligraphers at least 1 weeks notice before you would like the work to begin! This allows contracts to be signed, a detailed conversation between us and you to discuss what you would like to have done, and plenty of sample making time for you to approve the design and get the perfect product you dream of!