Lauren's Bachelorette

My sister is maid of honor at her friend Lauren's wedding in June, so I volunteered to help her with some of the decor at her "pastel-beachy-flowerchild" bachelorette party. (They were only going to be at my sister's apartment to sleep and grab a snack before they hit the town, but we wanted it to be special!) My sister created little rescue-kit goodie bags which I personalized, complete with sunglasses, chocolate kisses, ring pops, Red Bull, Advil, hair ties, and little water bottles which I labeled with all the girls names. The drink menu had delicious drinks with sweet little names ('Sailors [tie the] Knot'?! C'mon).

Though all of her decorations were super easy to make, relatively inexpensive in cost, even something as small as writing each of the girls' names on their champagne glasses made it so much more personal, fun, and thoughtful. And anyone old enough to write (and drink) can do it!