McConnell & Johnson Ojai Wedding

I was asked to do the calligraphy for my dear friend Maryanna's wedding to her now husband Will! It was in beautiful Ojai California on Maryanna's family's compound property. It had a rustic and elegant feel, so these chalkboards were perfect. I didn't use actual chalk, they were brand new, so just rich smooth and black, not with a porous quality. I think they turned out pretty well! Some of the signage was done with ink on paper, and we used old unused picture frames from the house to showcase them.

Perfect way to tell everyone where they are sitting, but not which seat!


This sign was just done on a white sheet of paper and framed with a simply black frame.


Bar menu on chalkboard.  All the wine was supplied on sight from the Ojai Vineyard, their family vineyard. The beer was brewed by another cousin who lives down the street.


Easy, readable, and elegant.