Jenna and Lance's Mirror

I love doing seating charts for weddings and parties. I will admit, they are probably the most challenging project I offer, but it is well worth it in the end! Jenna and Lance asked me to do their wedding reception seating list for their December wedding at The Vine, after I had done their invitation envelopes.  She got this awesome (and affordable!) mirror at IKEA, and painted what was a black frame, white. We knew it was going to be a challenge fitting all of the names on a mirror this size, but she was super open to creative ways to list the guests names, and suggested we list couples together and only use the first initial to their first name. This allowed for a header, 2 even-sized columns, for everyone to be listed even if they shared a last name, and most importantly, for it to still be legible. I had such a great time contributing to Jenna and Lance's big day.