Gretchen's Bat Mitzvah

 One of the things I love about this job is the people I get to meet. Susan reached out to me through my Etsy shop inquiring about doing the envelopes for her 13 year old daughter Gretchen's Bat Mitzvah. I leapt on this idea because I always think it's so interesting to have kids of that age weigh in and collaborate on projects like these. Gretchen is the only girl in a family of boys, the last to come of age, and packs a super punch in her style. And even better-she didn't want me to do my usual script handwriting! She wanted print letters to go with her invitation. It was a first! And I loved making these. I think I'll be the most sad to see this project come to an end, mainly because I'm going to miss texting Susan and hearing about life with 4 teenagers. Hopefully we can touch base again in 18 years and talk wedding invitations?;)