Christiana's NYE Wedding

It was kismet! I was selling some jewelry on a popular website, and got a message of interest from a woman who decided to buy it from me. In her message she happened to mention her daughter, Christiana, was getting married and things were a bit chaotic, but she wanted to make sure I got all the information I needed to send her the bracelet. I said I totally understood, I am a calligrapher and I completely get the chaos that surrounds this event. One thing led to another, emails were exchanged, and I was officially the calligrapher for Christiana's wedding invitation envelopes. Christiana is getting married on New Year's Eve, and her invitations are GORGEOUS. Gold and shimmer, foil and sparkle, and lovely scalloped edges to the back of her envelopes. It was such a pleasure to work with her to achieve an affordable, but still glamorous style for the front of her envelopes. Christiana is so adorable. I'm going to miss working with her once her big day arrives.