I made some ink!

A company called Coliro makes some of the best metallic watercolors I've ever used. But they are watercolors, not ink for dipping pens! So to use it, you drop a few droplets of water on to the palate and mix with a paintbrush. Then you put some of the wet watercolor on to the tip of your nib and write (a letter or so) and do it all over again. It's gorgeous pay off, but incredible time consuming. So I decided to try and make a real ink that was similar in colors, but easier to use.  I wanted to make a pink color but still have some golden hues, so I found PearlEx powder, some gum arabic and distilled water, and viola! It's not the same color as the gorgeous blush pink Coliro makes, but it's a new color altogether to add to my arsenal. Next time I'll try to make an actual replica of some of the Finetec Coliro  gold and silve and blue colors, since I finally figured out the magical ratios! 

I picked up these adorable little mason jars at Target in the $3 bins (!) just as I was leaving the store (annnnd we're going back in line) and I am obsessed. They have chalkboard lids so I can label them whatever I decide to call my new inks, and they can be cleaned so easily if I ever change the inks. They are a little larger than my ideal ink dipping jars, which are tiny jam jars in most cases, but I love the label option! Some of the photos below are of the blush Coliro watercolor, and some are taken from the angle where my "seashell" golden pink color actually appears pink. Face front, they look gold!