K + Z's Martha's Vineyard wedding in Chilmark

What's in those cute little brown packages, you ask? Chilmark Chocolates! These tags were used as place cards and gifts for all their wedding guests. Chalkboard done by me as well, all local fare from the island. Photography by Taylor Lenci.

D + S's Wedding at the Inn at Longshore in Westport, CT

Diana came to me with her mothers watercolor of their wedding venue and said she would like to have it incorporated in to their invitation suite. A few days later, Tiffany and I created one of the sweetest invitation suites we have designed to date! Invite done in letterpress with scripted names and headers in my Sara style.  We used cobalt blue envelopes from Cards and Pockets and white ink for the addressing, and I think these colors highlighted her mother's artwork beautifully in the liner as well. Tiffany illustrated the tiny pumpkin patch with their monogram inside, used on the back flap of the outer envelope and on the front of the RSVP envelope. And this pumpkin monogram image was made in to a stamp which the couple now uses for all of their mail! I copied the same design for their seating chalkboards, used at their wedding reception. I absolutely loved working with Diana and Shane, and their invitation suite definitely is one I will never forget! 

K + B's Handwritten Invitation Suite

Karen and Bill asked me to create their wedding invitation, for their intimate 20 person wedding ceremony at the Phillips Academy Chapel in Andover, Massachusetts. For a large wedding, having handwritten invitation suites for a wedding is very rare. Between how long each part of one invitation takes, and therefore the cost being so high, it ends up making more planning and fiscal sense to print the invites, and handwrite a component or two, saving a lot of the handwritten pieces for the wedding day itself and the addressing. However, for a wedding with 20 guests? A whole other story, and I wouldn't have it done any other way. :)

Styled Shoot with Jumping the Broom on Park Avenue

Handwritten invitation suite and menu for a styled shoot with Shafon of Jumping the Broom Weddings. Photography by the sweet and beautiful Mary Tarbet. I know it's a little hard to see in these photos, but the suite was featured on deckled edge recycled paper with gold, cool grey, and silver inks. Hand addressed envelopes in gold as well, with antique gold linen liner. Probably the nicest (*read: time consuming*) handwritten invitation I've ever created. But so worth it!

J. Paul Getty Award Dinner

The J. Paul Getty Foundation awarded an author the award this past November. They chose to have their place cards on these adorable duplexed* bookmarks with a blush pink tassel. (V clever!) It was a cold day, and once guests arrived I actually had to sit behind a curtain at the entrance of the Morgan Library & Museum and be at the ready with pen and ink to make new place cards in case guests who had not RSVP'd showed up, or in case someone had a different escort. If there is one thing I have learned about doing big events like this: people do not RSVP. I've found that at least 20% more people show up to the event than anticipated. Of course, all the best event planners & coordinators account for this happening, and have wildly elaborate plans for how to accommodate. It's amazing to watch. Especially at a seated dinner!





*when you make really thick paper by sticking two pieces together, creating SUPER paper stock that is beautiful to hold and heavier in weight.

Tree Lighting Party with Anthropologie x Maman

I love Anthropologie. I'm pretty sure I speak for most women in America (and beyond) when I say this. I have worked for them for years, and was happy to make signage for their annual Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Party, where we all eat and shop with our loved ones in the warmth of the store, which conveniently looks directly at the tree outside. No lines, no waiting out in the cold, no crowds. Just delicious treats, (this year provided by Maman (obsessed)) yummy candles, and a LOT of clothes I pretend I can afford. And look: we wrote the menu on a tin serving tray!  

Holiday Event at Krewe, SoHo

I had the pleasure of popping up at Krewe in SoHo (Krewe is one of the coolest new brands in eyewear, started in New Orleans and New York City has the only other shop!) where I was asked to personalize cases. This was such a fun evening, the team there is so incredibly warm and sweet, and the customers were so fun. People had great ideas for their cases and I think it's the perfect added touch to what is already going to be a very cool holiday gift.

Plexiglass place markers

These super fun plexiglass (? not sure if that is the best word for what they are, but they are not glass, and they are way nicer and heavier than plain ol' plastic) blocks were used to mark place settings at a dinner in LA. (The brown you see behind the names is protective paper that peels off, which I chose to keep on for transit out west.) But aren't these cool?! I would totally keep mine for a paperweight. I'm used to using skinny sheets of plexiglass, but these were a delightful alternative.

Watercolor Monograms

I have been playing around with watercolor lately, I do NOT consider myself skilled in the 'drawing' or 'painting' artistic department. But I do want to get better! And with the right tools, I actually quite enjoy it!  I want to be able to create folksy and pretty florals and botanicals. They are so versatile for all times of the year, and can easily be incorporated in to what would otherwise be a less personal design. Plus, I'm thinking about offering personalized stationary soon! These remind me of some of my favorite preppy stationary designs.

Shari & Adam's Chalkboard Signage

Shari and Adam are two of my best friends, so naturally, "I'm doing all the signage for your wedding and you can't say no." I absolutely love how they turned out, especially the Bar Menu! It was an October wedding in Maine, fall was in full bloom, so the wine colored place cards also offered the perfect autumnal touch.

Watercolor washed menus for Christie's at The Pool

Christie's came to me to design their menus and place cards for an auction they were hosting for a very sought after sculpture at The Pool (restaurant). Tiffany designed this beautiful blue watercolor wash for the backdrop and we had it printed on all of the material, even the table tickets. (Way easier to give each guest a table ticket when they walk in in case they have to move seats around for last minute guests and cancelations.) I am absolutely in love with this wash Tiffany painted!

Julie's Magnolia Leaf Escort Cards

So happy I got to create these amazing escort cards for bride Julie, who actually attempted to do these on her own! (way to go, Julie!! A true DIY-er.)  But she picked one of the hardest surfaces to make work, even for me. The surface unpredictable, is usually uneven, a bit fragile, and sometimes the preservation technique people use can come off on to the tip of your pen and makes it stop working altogether, or just makes a big ol' mess. But man, do they have a beautiful effect and proves to be well worth the effort as long as you have the patience and steady hand. (Or can find someone else who does!)

Gold Splattered Envelopes

Well, I think I have a new favorite. I think of all my styles as favorites and hate to admit that I am particularly partial to any of them over the rest (especially since every day it changes!) but I absolutely love these. Kristen really wanted these pretty pink envelopes seen in my blog post but wanted to incorporate gold to them without the address itself being written in gold. I love this idea, it makes the white pop even more, and there are so many pretty color combinations. These are written in my Colleen style.

Postcard Placecards

Erica came to me with adorable vintage postcards she wanted to use as Save the Dates: handwritten like a little wedding poster for each of her guests. Each postcard was different than the next, and each one hand picked specifically for it's recipient. So adorable! They were a huge hit.  Well months later, the wedding date is fast approaching, and Erica decided she wanted to get a whole new batch of vintage postcards and use them as escort cards, personalized with her guests names with a new picture specific to each guest! I love this idea.  And they are super fun to make! And as a Save the Date? So cost effective! No envelope or fancy postage needed!:)

Easter Picnic

Happy Easter! A client asked me to create escort cards for her Easter picnic, and requested there be a floral decal in bright pinks along the bottom. She had seen my watercolor work before (it is not terribly extensive) and this was something she was eager for me to do. I love doing watercolor on larger quantity of product: each one varies slightly and is never quite the same as the next. Slightly less severe than writing in black on white, and more gender neutral than pink, we settled on this pretty soft grey ink for the lettering. I am so proud of these, even if my boyfriend walked by and said, "Maybe you should get a book or something? On how to watercolor?"

Dusty Rose and Cipria Envelopes

Jennifer and Chris asked me to find the prettiest pink matte envelopes for their wedding invitations, and asked me to use white ink for the lettering. I actually love getting to pick stationary out myself to compliment my style and my inks. These were two of my favorites: Dusty Rose and Cipria (courtesy of Cards and Pockets) and Jennifer love them so much, she asked me to alternate between both for her invitations and asked me to order 200 extras to send out her for her Thank You notes. I'd be lying if I didn't say I then ordered an additional 20 for me to have of my very own.

Gold and Pink Escort Cards

Few color combinations make me happier than blush pink and sparkly gold. And that is exactly what Nora and her fiancee Luke wanted for their upcoming May wedding. Part of what made these look so beautiful was the recycled and handmade hot pressed paper that I got to create these on; so soft they almost feet like fabric. I can't wait for all their guests to have their very own! (Style is Abby, and ink is my matte Baby Pink)

Michael and Melissa's Elegant Wedding

I was so happy to be asked by Michael and Melissa to do these extremely romantic style envelopes for their June wedding. These were done in my Allison style, in a glossy black ink. Just a hint of sheen resting on the beautiful soft white envelopes. Up next for them: mirror seating charts and signage! Can't wait.

Gold Envelopes by Fancy That!

Safe to say I have never written on envelopes quite like these in all my days of lettering. And when I received them from Bianca B (one of the best wedding planners on the planet, make sure you check her out in all her luxe glory) I was stunned. Made by Fancy That, these were tall envelopes with a back flap closure and the couples new monogram embossed on the back flap. 

We did have to mess around with a lot of different options to come up with the best way to write on these (too wet and it would slick away with touch, too dry and it would crack off when it rubbed against it's mates, or not permanent in the rain.) But I managed to test out enough of my supplies that we finally switched styles and used a permanent calligraphy marker. I loved working on these even though they were a constant reminder of how rough my face is without make up. (...mirror. Constantly reflecting me. At that terrible angle.)

Christine's Blush Pink Invitations

I love so many things about this job, but the best pay off by far, is the people that I meet. I have worked for some of the kindest, the most beautiful, most supportive men and women out there. And so relaxed even during the most stressful weeks of wedding planning! Christine was one of these dream clients.

She came to me with some of the prettiest envelopes I've yet to see: pale pink with a sheen, rose gold return address printed on the back, and pink sparkle liner (which I regret not snapping a photo of.)  

Christine wanted rose gold writing in one of my more elegant styles. This generally causes prices to raise a little higher since inks like these take a lot of time to write with and to get them at just the right temperament. Considering her budget and her time frame, Christine was happy to explore a few other options to give her the look she wanted, with a slightly lower price tag and done in faster time. We purchased a lighter gold which looked absolutely adorable against the pink, and then as a last ditch effort to get more red in to the gold, we bought a copper which, when dry, totally passes for rose gold. She liked them both so much, we alternated!

As a result, we got the look we wanted to achieve, she stayed in her budget and on time! I can't wait to see these beauties nestled in their full invitation suites.