Julie's Magnolia Leaf Escort Cards

So happy I got to create these amazing escort cards for bride Julie, who actually attempted to do these on her own! (way to go, Julie!! A true DIY-er.)  But she picked one of the hardest surfaces to make work, even for me. The surface unpredictable, is usually uneven, a bit fragile, and sometimes the preservation technique people use can come off on to the tip of your pen and makes it stop working altogether, or just makes a big ol' mess. But man, do they have a beautiful effect and proves to be well worth the effort as long as you have the patience and steady hand. (Or can find someone else who does!)

Gold Splattered Envelopes

Well, I think I have a new favorite. I think of all my styles as favorites and hate to admit that I am particularly partial to any of them over the rest (especially since every day it changes!) but I absolutely love these. Kristen really wanted these pretty pink envelopes seen in my blog post but wanted to incorporate gold to them without the address itself being written in gold. I love this idea, it makes the white pop even more, and there are so many pretty color combinations. These are written in my Colleen style.

Postcard Placecards

Erica came to me with adorable vintage postcards she wanted to use as Save the Dates: handwritten like a little wedding poster for each of her guests. Each postcard was different than the next, and each one hand picked specifically for it's recipient. So adorable! They were a huge hit.  Well months later, the wedding date is fast approaching, and Erica decided she wanted to get a whole new batch of vintage postcards and use them as escort cards, personalized with her guests names with a new picture specific to each guest! I love this idea.  And they are super fun to make! And as a Save the Date? So cost effective! No envelope or fancy postage needed!:)

Easter Picnic

Happy Easter! A client asked me to create escort cards for her Easter picnic, and requested there be a floral decal in bright pinks along the bottom. She had seen my watercolor work before (it is not terribly extensive) and this was something she was eager for me to do. I love doing watercolor on larger quantity of product: each one varies slightly and is never quite the same as the next. Slightly less severe than writing in black on white, and more gender neutral than pink, we settled on this pretty soft grey ink for the lettering. I am so proud of these, even if my boyfriend walked by and said, "Maybe you should get a book or something? On how to watercolor?"

Dusty Rose and Cipria Envelopes

Jennifer and Chris asked me to find the prettiest pink matte envelopes for their wedding invitations, and asked me to use white ink for the lettering. I actually love getting to pick stationary out myself to compliment my style and my inks. These were two of my favorites: Dusty Rose and Cipria (courtesy of Cards and Pockets) and Jennifer love them so much, she asked me to alternate between both for her invitations and asked me to order 200 extras to send out her for her Thank You notes. I'd be lying if I didn't say I then ordered an additional 20 for me to have of my very own.

Gold and Pink Escort Cards

Few color combinations make me happier than blush pink and sparkly gold. And that is exactly what Nora and her fiancee Luke wanted for their upcoming May wedding. Part of what made these look so beautiful was the recycled and handmade hot pressed paper that I got to create these on; so soft they almost feet like fabric. I can't wait for all their guests to have their very own! (Style is Abby, and ink is my matte Baby Pink)

Michael and Melissa's Elegant Wedding

I was so happy to be asked by Michael and Melissa to do these extremely romantic style envelopes for their June wedding. These were done in my Allison style, in a glossy black ink. Just a hint of sheen resting on the beautiful soft white envelopes. Up next for them: mirror seating charts and signage! Can't wait.

Gold Envelopes by Fancy That!

Safe to say I have never written on envelopes quite like these in all my days of lettering. And when I received them from Bianca B (one of the best wedding planners on the planet, make sure you check her out in all her luxe glory) I was stunned. Made by Fancy That, these were tall envelopes with a back flap closure and the couples new monogram embossed on the back flap. 

We did have to mess around with a lot of different options to come up with the best way to write on these (too wet and it would slick away with touch, too dry and it would crack off when it rubbed against it's mates, or not permanent in the rain.) But I managed to test out enough of my supplies that we finally switched styles and used a permanent calligraphy marker. I loved working on these even though they were a constant reminder of how rough my face is without make up. (...mirror. Constantly reflecting me. At that terrible angle.)

Christine's Blush Pink Invitations

I love so many things about this job, but the best pay off by far, is the people that I meet. I have worked for some of the kindest, the most beautiful, most supportive men and women out there. And so relaxed even during the most stressful weeks of wedding planning! Christine was one of these dream clients.

She came to me with some of the prettiest envelopes I've yet to see: pale pink with a sheen, rose gold return address printed on the back, and pink sparkle liner (which I regret not snapping a photo of.)  

Christine wanted rose gold writing in one of my more elegant styles. This generally causes prices to raise a little higher since inks like these take a lot of time to write with and to get them at just the right temperament. Considering her budget and her time frame, Christine was happy to explore a few other options to give her the look she wanted, with a slightly lower price tag and done in faster time. We purchased a lighter gold which looked absolutely adorable against the pink, and then as a last ditch effort to get more red in to the gold, we bought a copper which, when dry, totally passes for rose gold. She liked them both so much, we alternated!

As a result, we got the look we wanted to achieve, she stayed in her budget and on time! I can't wait to see these beauties nestled in their full invitation suites.

Marble Table Cards

Well, safe to say, I have a new obsession and that is writing with metallic inks on marble. I was asked to sample these pretty, smooth, marble tiles from Amazon.com to use as place cards for an upcoming wedding. Not only is this a creative idea, but they look elegant and simple laid on a folded napkin, set on a plate, or under a glass. They fit together on the front table, so that guests see a beautiful picture, and then they can take their tile to their seats. Makes for coasters, paper weights, or glue a magnet on the back for your fridge! I love this idea, and can't wait to see pretty tiles all in a row. (That blush pink ink isn't so bad, either.)

Maura's Baby Shower

I recently purchased the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, which was probably the largest purchase I have made for my business, but was absolutely the right move for me. This now gives me the ability to capture my handwriting (and trust me, this stylus is scary-accurate when I write) and digitize it for producing large quantities of items. Ideal for menus, programs, logos, printables, writing on clothing (hello, Bachelorette parties!) and more, when the client doesn't necessarily need them to each be done by hand. I'm constantly learning how to do more and more with this device, and as far as I can tell, the possibilities are endless.

When my friend Maura came to me to make her baby shower tea party invitations so that she could print them off herself, we knew this was the perfect option for her.  I created the insert and the main invitation file as a JPG and PDF, and she simply printed that on to vellum.  She then folded and stapled the papers in to tea bag shapes, filled them with rose tea and a little tea bag string and ta-da! The largest and most legible tea bags you've ever seen. (She also hand cut all of her envelope liner by the way, using Rifle Paper wrapping paper, which looks incredible in those candy pink envelopes!)

Ted Baker Event

I was asked to do an event with British fashion designer Ted Baker at their shop in Bloomingdale's for New York Fashion Week. The event coordinator and I decided I should watercolor blank cards to be customized and complimentary at the event. I was given the color palate of their new spring collection, and used those colors as my inspiration for these pretty little cards! 

 The event was a huge success, and everyone had such a great time deciding which card they wanted to use, the color I wrote their messages, and who they were going to give it to! I wrote out cards for Mother's Day, new babies, weddings, anniversaries, mantras to be framed, birthdays, and valentines. Best part, I got to wear the most beautiful dress I have ever put on my body. 

Bat Mitzvah Table Tops and Chalkboards

One of my clients asked me to do some more work for her daughters bat mitzvah this past weekend. She had seen a photo of drawn-on picnic benches for on Instagram, and decided she wanted to somehow incorporate this idea to the tables at the reception. We scratched our heads a little bit, trying to decide how we could make this work, considering her tables would be round tops, and I don't live anywhere near the venue. In addition to that, some of the tables would seat 7, some 8, some 9, and some 10. So it was going to be tricky for me to measure out the settings so that they all fit and work with the guests seats at the table.

I'm not a math whiz. And I am even less of a geometry whiz.  And this project was going to need some angle math. So with my dad's help over the holiday, we made some makeshift tools that would help me realize the angles that each setting needed to sit between, specific to the number of people at the table.

The tables were about 60" in diameter, so we had to first find a roll of paper that would completely cover the top of the table. Amazon delivers on this! Heavy as hell, but exactly the diameter needed to cover the table.

Next hurdle was to make a compass that would draw even and accurately measured circles on the paper. This was made with two pencils and come very taut string. Dad and I crouched and waddled on the floor each taking one end of the pencil, and followed it around in a circle, creating about 17 circles (13 were needed).

Once we got these all cut out (also a tough job) I rolled them up in to the car and drove them back to my apartment after the holiday.

After Susan planned out all of her table assignments, and exactly how many tables of each number she was going to have, I could finally start to draw on the place settings. A placemat, fork, knife, and spoon made for the setting, and obviously varied in size based on how wide an angle I had to make the settings. Of course the tables with 7 had the most breathing room, and had the biggest setting.  

Wedding Blessing in Hawaii

I love having an Etsy shop because it brings people from all over to my inbox, and I get to send them special pieces that will be in their lives for years to come. Other than mirror signage, pages of content this size is very challenging to do, because if you mess up, there is no way out. I actually had to do this project 3 times through, because in the last sentence a glob of ink fell on to the page and that was that. It is incredibly tedious work, and very hard to do in a rushed scenario, but a beautiful pay off and I love the sweet words I get to write!

Jenna and Lance's Mirror

I love doing seating charts for weddings and parties. I will admit, they are probably the most challenging project I offer, but it is well worth it in the end! Jenna and Lance asked me to do their wedding reception seating list for their December wedding at The Vine, after I had done their invitation envelopes.  She got this awesome (and affordable!) mirror at IKEA, and painted what was a black frame, white. We knew it was going to be a challenge fitting all of the names on a mirror this size, but she was super open to creative ways to list the guests names, and suggested we list couples together and only use the first initial to their first name. This allowed for a header, 2 even-sized columns, for everyone to be listed even if they shared a last name, and most importantly, for it to still be legible. I had such a great time contributing to Jenna and Lance's big day.

Jacquie & Lev's Wedding

Jacquie came to me pretty hard on her luck with calligraphers. She had a calligrapher working on her envelopes and about 50 from the finish line, had an emergency which made it impossible to finish the job.  I felt terrible, knowing that it must have been a bad situation for the calligrapher to not be able to finish, and a bad experience to have a deadline for your invitations, and have it not be met but something out of your control. 

We had a few challenges of our own when I began with the remainder of her envelopes. Her deadline was two days away, and we needed a style and material that would work together well and would work on her beautiful handmade paper envelopes (gorgeous quality, but rough and tough on a calligraphers pen or nib.) She also had run out of extra envelopes from her last calligrapher, so I had no margin for error, and when working quickly to a deadline, being able to work fast is important.  Working fast is impossible when you know if you make one tiny mistake, it's curtains. So we quickly found some envelopes at a nearby store that I could use for errors. 

We decided on a style that was affordable for her, still kept with the theme of her invitation suite, and a rose gold pen which would achieve the color she wanted, on a much smaller budget. Only problem was, all of the art stores were sold out in that color paint pen! I had one at home in my supply, which we just hoped would last the whole 50 envelopes. Somehow it did last, I will forever enshrine it in bronze on my mantle.

Unforeseen hiccups happen all of the time in the wedding world. But when everyone works together, and is equally driven to solve the problem, it works out. 

Armstrong & Gay Wedding

Doctors Kay and Dave game to me through Etsy, asking for some final touches to their big day.  I was asked to do a seating mirror and a few small signs and mirrors for the event. We had pearly paper for the signs which she framed, and a few small IKEA mirrors for the welcome table. I think my favorite part was the painted purple pumpkins with silver "Dr." on them, plus a little "&" on a mini pumpkin in between.

Cantor Wedding

It's always a real pleasure to create more formal envelopes for weddings. Jenna came to me with stunning Crane & Co. wedding invitations, printed in classic Specerian script. We discussed the best font for her outer envelopes, ideally picking a look that would work with her invitations and create a visually complete invitation suite. One of my more formal fonts, Brace, was the perfect option. I wrote these addresses in Brace with slightly more flourish to add a little more elegance. Black ink on these creamy envelopes finishes this timeless look, and will represent the tone of Jenna and Lance's gorgeous wedding. And if anyone starts feeling under the weather at this wedding, take it from me you'll be in good hands. There are, like, 40 doctors attending this wedding. She and her fiance sealed them with emerald green sealing wax!

West Farm Woodworks

One of my closest family friends Peter has created West Farm Woodworks. He is an incredibly gifted craftsman and builder (with a great sense of humor to boot). I reached out to him to make me a drying rack for all those wet envelopes I make every day, and boy did he deliver. He made me two racks, one for littles and one for bigs, and a few for thicker canvas or wood signs. I am so excited to use these! Thank you, Peter!