Pretty, neatly and orderly! We discuss your event and the type of product you'd like me to create. In most cases, you send me your blank materials (I can make recommendations if you'd like!) and I send you back the finished product. You'll have the coolest, most lovely, personal touch to your event that will be a keepsake for a lifetime.


| Timing |

I work pretty quickly once you have decided on your materials and your content. Turnaround is usually 1-2 weeks once contract has been signed, depending on the project. Allow an additional week if your event falls in the busy "wedding season" months of April-August. Giving as much notice as possible is always the sure way to get everything you want, when you want it! 


| Materials |

A calligrapher can usually write on just about anything. I've written on everything from wood to seaglass to champagne bottles to mirrors to pumpkins to hangers to rocks. Certain materials, paper, and card stock lend itself to different kinds of ink and writing utensils, so I often advise my clients to think about their ideal finished product in terms of color and style, and I can advise the proper materials to make that happen!


| Commissioned |

I am often asked to make signs, framed words, greeting cards, or lasting pieces for homes and gifts for family. I love making art for clients that I know means something special to them. Please feel free to inquire about what you'd like me to make you, and we can discuss the process and shipping options.


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